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Visit Our Hyundai Car Lease Return Center in Humble, TX

If your Hyundai lease is ending soon, you might wonder what happens when you return a leased car or how to return a leased car if you’ve never done it before. At Humble Hyundai near Houston, we house a Hyundai car lease return center to make every return as easy as possible. Here’s what you need to know to make your Hyundai lease return as smooth as can be:

  • No appointment is necessary! Once you arrive, let a return specialist know you’re returning a leased car.
  • The Hyundai lease return process takes about 15 minutes.
  • Browse our new and pre-owned inventory to schedule a test drive of whichever model you’re interested in next.
  • Once the process is finished, we will inform Hyundai Financial that you’ve completed the Hyundai lease return, and it’s now in our possession.
  • Depending on circumstances, we might be able to directly pick up your leased Hyundai; simply call 832-995-2204 to inquire about this service.

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How to Return a Leased Car in Houston

If you’re in the Houston area, our Hyundai car lease return center is not too far from you! Here is what you need to know about how to return a leased car:

  • Bring a copy of the Lease-End Inspection (if possible)
  • Provide all owner’s manuals, keys, spare tires, navigation discs, cargo covers, and anything else that came with the car.

If there are remaining payments before returning a leased car, Hyundai Financial Services can allow you to apply those payments to your next new Hyundai vehicle. Contact our finance team about this service.

Hyundai Lease Returns: What End-of-Lease Options Are Available?

When it is time to visit our Hyundai car lease return center, you will be offered a few options at the end of this process. So, what happens when you return a leased car? Here are a few available options:

  • You can buy out the remainder of the lease to keep the vehicle.
  • You can purchase or lease another new Hyundai model.
  • You can upgrade to a new lease to enjoy a newer model than you had before.

Hyundai Lease Returns: Rewards & Fees

There are a few benefits that coincide with returning a leased car, but be aware of potential fees as well:

  • If you choose to upgrade to a new lease or finance a new Hyundai within 60 days of returning your lease, you’ll earn a Loyalty Reward of up to $900 to go towards any turn-in fees or excess wear and use charges.
  • If the mileage on the odometer exceeds the limit set within your lease agreement, it will cost $0.20 per mile.
  • If you choose not to purchase the current leased vehicle at the end, you are liable to pay the turn-in fee, as mentioned above.
  • You must pay all taxes incurred during your lease term if you live in a state that charges personal property tax (PPT).

Hyundai Lease Returns: FAQs

  • Can I return my car to a non-Hyundai dealer? No, when you are returning a leased car, it can only be returned at an authorized Hyundai dealership, like Humble Hyundai.
  • Can I return my leased car early? This will be considered “early termination” that can result in significant fees or charges. Speak with your specific dealership or lender.
  • What charges can I be billed for after I return my leased vehicle? If there is excess wear and use, excess mileage, late or unpaid monthly payments, turn-in fees, taxes, tolls, or violations, you can be liable to pay for any of the charges mentioned.
  • How do I return my license plate when my lease is up? If you are obligated to return your license plate to the state, you’ll do this at the end of your lease and fax the state receipt to Hyundai Financial (your dealership will give you more details). Otherwise, you’ll still be liable to pay any incurred fees on the vehicle even though the lease ended.
  • What is a purchase option fee? This is a predetermined fee that is added to the fixed cost of your vehicle if you choose to purchase it once the lease term has ended.

Return Your Leased Hyundai Car or SUV to Humble Hyundai

Contact us at Humble Hyundai near Houston with additional questions on what happens when you return a leased car to our Hyundai lease return center.