Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Car?

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There’s been a lot of talk throughout 2021 and the start of 2022 — like this Money article — stating that now is the worst time to purchase a car. However, that’s not the case. This can be considered a faulty generalization. While there are industry-wide inventory shortages, that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad time to get a new car, especially if you need one and leasing isn’t in the cards. Also, now is an excellent time to trade in your vehicle! If you’re shopping around for a car in Humble and you’re trading in your old car, this extra boost in value helps offset the higher prices on new and used vehicles.


Is Now a Good Time to Buy a New Car?

New cars are more expensive now than they’ve been in quite some time, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get an excellent overall purchase price or discount. Think about your situation, the importance of getting a vehicle, and whether or not you can wait. 

For example, if you currently have an old vehicle that requires lots of money for repairs and you don’t want to keep sinking more money into it. Buying a new car can be the right financial decision. It’s best to speak with our finance team about your options and our current new vehicle specials.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Used Car?

Since many used cars are getting swiped up much faster than ever in the Houston, most of the vehicles showing up on dealership lots are coming off of prior leases. This means that these vehicles are more reliable than most used cars.

Is Now a Good Time to Trade In a Car?

Yes! Now is an excellent time to buy a car and sell us your current vehicle. Below is a quick example of why.

If you use our payment calculator to see if purchasing a $44,000 vehicle is an excellent idea. For argument’s sake, this vehicle could sell for $42,000, and if your current trade-in gets you $20,000, you’re getting the new car for $22,000. You’re already ahead of the game!

Find Your Next Vehicle at Humble Hyundai!

Visit Humble Hyundai, and our financial experts will help you find the new or pre-owned vehicle better suited for taking on your The Woodlands drives. Check out our payment calculator, estimate your current vehicle’s value, and get pre-approved for financing at home! Contact our sales team to get things started today!


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