Is Now a Good Time to Sell a Car?

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Should I sell my car right now? The answer is yes! Due to the chip shortage, there’s also a shortage of cars available for sale, making this a great opportunity for you to sell yours! In this article, we’ll explain more about the chip shortage and give some tips to help you sell your used car in Humble. 

How Does the Current Chip Shortage Affect the Value of New & Used Cars?

The chips we’re referring to here are electronic hardware that serves as control centers to many electronic devices. They are also known as semiconductors. These small objects perform various functions and allow technology to make our daily lives easier, so a shortage is a big deal for everyone. Countless microchips are necessary to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable ride in your Hyundai as you drive on the roads of Houston . 

They are responsible for your lane detection, heated seats, and sports mode features in our cars. Without these chips, basic daily tasks become time-consuming and tedious. The chip shortage has been a problem for several years, but recently it’s become more obvious than ever. This is due to government regulations, a priority shift in manufacturing, Covid-19, and weather issues. Because of the shortage, the availability of new cars is more limited than ever as car companies are making millions of fewer vehicles than two years ago.

Preparing to Sell Your Used Car in Houston

When getting your car ready to sell, you must make your car look as clean and updated as possible to get the highest possible value. Selling your car to a dealership like Humble Hyundai is a simple process: 

  • Clean Your Car: Wash your vehicle’s interior with detail. You also want to update parts like the windshield wipers, floor mats, or headlight bulbs as a simple way to increase its value. Small modifications made to the exterior of your car will give it a shiny new look, which will also help the car look only lightly used. 
  • Know Your Car’s Value: You can utilize websites like, Kelly Blue Book, or our Value Your Trade tool to determine your car’s value. Having this information will help you during the negotiation process.
  • Title Access: Having access to your car’s title during the selling process can help you get an offer faster. 
  • Write Down the Benefits: Generate an easy-to-read and detailed vehicle report. It should include your vehicle’s maintenance history, intriguing features, and any trimmings added to your car that increase its attractiveness to dealerships like Humble Hyundai. 
  • Pick a Purchaser: Houston car dealerships usually accept newer or gently used cars regardless of what’s in stock. Older models are harder to get a large amount of money for, which is why going to a used car dealership may get you the money you’re looking for. If you prefer to sell it privately, you can put ads in the newspaper, put flyers in your area, and post announcements on social media to get potential buyers. 

Sell Your Car to Humble Hyundai Today!

So, is now a good time to sell a car? Absolutely! If you’ve done your research and prepared your vehicle to sell, contact our finance department to get the process started. You can also schedule a maintenance check to make sure your vehicle is in good working order. You also have the option of selling us your car and using the money to buy a new one! Contact us today to receive all of your options!

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